The Change

It’s been a long time I’m not updating this blog. I dont know. This is just a little crush. I’m busy to find what I want. Yeah, I even dont know what I really want. Hmm, but its likely I know what person that I want to be in the future, but I’m too afraid to take a risk. This long time I’m doing a treatment to myself. Push myself with the habits that can bring me to pursue my dream. I have many friends that can inspire me. But I realize that nobody can change me unless myself. This confident feeling that must I had long time ago, and its amost too late, come to give me a chance to improve my quality when all my friend go around and leave me with those inspired mind. This is not a sad story. I am grateful God give me a protection so I’m still in my comfort zone and it always be. God give me a chance to upgrade myself in the place I love while some of my inspired friends are not as inspiring as before (maybe) cause the atmosphere they live. Yeah, I believe we’ll get what be the best for us even now we’re not love that thing.


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